Pioneering Spirit   4 Photos   Sep 22, 2015
The Pioneering Spirit formerly known as Pieter Schelte.

This picture is made up of six separate images combined in PS and then corrected.
This photo is rich with some detalils this can be seen in the detail photo.

Location Maasvlakte/2
51.959°, 3.977°
Schokland   30 Photos   Sep 22, 2015
Small Impression Isle of Schokland.

Schokland is a village and a former island in the Northeast, Dutch province of Flevoland, which was evacuated in 1859 because of the insecurity and because the conservation of the island was too expensive. The municipality of Schokland was lifted by July 10, 1859 and Kampen added to the municipality.

Schokland was until 1932 as a real island in the Zuiderzee, which was the IJsselmeer after the completion of the Dam in 1932. Since the draining of the Northeast in 1942 Schokland is part of the mainland.

Schokland is located exactly between the villages Ens Nagele and the N352. The area is managed by the foundation Flevolandschap. Schokland is a museum where the history of the former island is made visible. Every year some 40,000 people, the museum village. Schokland was placed in 1995 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Stoomgemaal Halfweg   58 Photos   Aug 12, 2015
Museum Stoomgemaal Halfweg is een stoomgemaal uit 1852, gelegen in Halfweg, aan de Ringvaart van de Haarlemmermeerpolder. Het is het oudste en grootste nog werkende schepradstoomgemaal ter wereld.

Museum Stoomgemaal Halfway is a pumping station built in 1852, located in Midway, the Ringvaart. It is the oldest and largest working schepradstoomgemaal in the world.
Vlissingen Lasloods   40 Photos   Jul 8, 2015
Photo session with singer songwriter Peetman Wisse and a Band. in the former "Las Loods" from Shipbuilders "Kon. De Schelde". Vlissingen.
Radio Kootwijk   27 Photos   Oct 23, 2015
Radio Kootwijk is een voormalig zenderpark dat in de eerste helft van de 20ste eeuw een belangrijke communicatieverbinding vormde tussen Nederland en zijn toenmalige koloniën, met name Nederlands-Indië. Het werd gebouwd vanaf 1918. Ook werden er voor werknemers woningen gebouwd, die samen het gelijknamige dorp gingen vormen.
Rotterdam Evening Walk   43 Photos   Jul 6, 2015
Rotterdam Evening Walk.
Haarlem Walk   79 Photos   Jul 3, 2015
Haarlem Photo Walk.
Middelburg City   70 Photos   Jul 6, 2015

Middelburg is a municipality and a city in the south-western Netherlands and the capital of the province of Zeeland. Situated on the central peninsula of the Zeeland province, Midden-Zeeland (consisting of former islands Walcheren, Noord-Beveland and Zuid-Beveland), it has a population of about 48,000.
Rotterdam Post Vol 1   31 Photos   Jul 8, 2015
The Abandoned Rotterdam Post Office Building.

The massive reconstruction of the Coolsingel started with the attenuation of the Coolvest and the demolition of the entertainment district around the Rodezand street. With the construction of several large buildings, successively the post office and the stock exchange, the Coolsingel got the allure of a city boulevard.

The new main post office was three times the size of the building on the North Blaak that it replaced. The old post office was in service from 1875 to 1923 and was demolished in 1929. Almost simultaneously with the design competition for the town hall, the first design sketches for the new main post office were drawn. Due to shortage of materials and the First World War building started in September 1915 but was not finished until April 1923.

The German style neoclassical building has a facade of Muschel Limestone with high vertical windows, covered with a mansard roof. The entrance has a projecting central section. The facade is decorated with sculptures of Joop van Lunteren, which symbolise postal, telegraph and telephone services. As sombre and massive as the exterior so light and spectacular is the interior of the central hall. The hall is 22.50 meters high and covered with large parabolic concrete beams, between which glass and concrete cassettes were made.

The main post office was decommissioned in August 2007 and sold to three project development companies. In 2008, they issued a multiple assignment under four architects for the building to be transformed into a shopping centre extending to hotel subject to the monumental status of the building. Ben van Berkel of UN Studio was the winner. Since then, the plans for Post Rotterdam have been adjusted, a seventy meters high hotel tower will be considerably lower.
Rotterdam Post Vol 2   96 Photos   Jul 8, 2015
Discovering the Rotterdam Post Building (Not Completed).
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