Katseveer Wilhelmina Polder   52 Photos   Jan 6, 2019
De steiger Katseveer werd vroeger gebruikt voor de veerdienst tussen Zuid-Beveland en Zierikzee. Tegenwoordig is deze niet meer in gebruik. Bij de werkzaamheden aan de dijk wordt er niets met de steiger gedaan. Hij blijft dus behouden.

Op het stukje strand zijn palen geplaatst die plek van de scheepswrakken aangeven.

(Longitude=3.870168, Latitude=51.541405)

Hortus Botanicus   35 Photos   Jan 4, 2019
Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Hortus Botanicus was founded in 1638 by the city to serve as an herb garden for doctors and apothecaries. It contains more than six thousand tropical and indigenous trees and plants. The monumental Palm House dates from 1912 and is renowned for its collection of cycads.
The garden was almost bankrupt in 1987 when the University of Amsterdam stopped paying its expenses but a community of individual supporters prevented its closure. Now the Hortus Botanicus is supported by the Amsterdam City Council as well.
There are also two halls at the garden which are now used for conferences and ceremonies.

Hortus Botanicus is now one of the attractions of the Dutch capital for both Dutch and International visitors.
The collection is famous for some of its trees and plants, some of which are on the "danger" list, also well-known plants and trees can be found there, like the Persian Ironwood Tree which is known in Dutch as Perzische Parrotia.
Hortus Botanicus's initial collection was amassed during the 17th century through plants and seeds brought back by traders of the East India Company (VOC) for use as medicines and for their possibilities for commerce. A single coffee plant, Coffea arabica, in Hortus's collection served as the parent for the entire coffee culture in Central and South America.
Likewise, two small potted oil palms brought back by the VOC from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, produced seeds after six years, and these were propagated throughout all of Southeast Asia, becoming a major source of revenue in the Dutch East Indies and now in Indonesia.
In 1885-1918 Hugo de Vries was the director of the garden.
Recent additions to Hortus include a huge hothouse, which incorporates three different tropical climates.
Clingendael Estate   51 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Clingendael, een landgoed met een 17e-eeuws huis gelegen op het grondgebied van de gemeente Wassenaar tegen de Haagse wijk Benoordenhout, is eigendom van de gemeente 's-Gravenhage. Sinds 1982 is het in gebruik bij het Nederlands Instituut voor Internationale Betrekkingen Clingendael.
Biesbosch Walk   23 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
De Biesbosch

De Biesbosch ('forest of sedges' or 'rushwoods'), is one of the largest national parks of the Netherlands and one of the last freshwater tide areas in Europe. The Biesbosch consists of a rather large network of rivers and smaller and larger creeks with islands.
Beach @Westkapelle   45 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Westkapelle (Zeeuws: Weskappel, in het dialect van Westkapelle: Wasschappel) is een plaats, met historische status als stad, in de gemeente Veere op de westelijke punt van het voormalige eiland Walcheren. Het ligt daarmee in de provincie Zeeland.
Scotland 2018 Black White   27 Photos   Jan 11, 2019
Scotland 2018 Black & White

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