Canon 40D   6 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Canon 40D Digital DSLR

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Canon EOS-1N   7 Photos   Jan 11, 2019
Canon EOS 1N Digital Comers
Canon 7   30 Photos   Jan 28, 2019
Canon 7 Rangefinder
Nikon RF Camera   12 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Series of Nikon RF Camera's

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Nikon FishEye 7m   13 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Nippon Kogaku 7.5 mm f 5,6 Fish-Eye Lens. Production Year 1967
Nikon F3 Special   34 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Nikon F3 Special Build for specific purposes. Compleet with 21mm Wideange Lens.
Nikon F Camera   35 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Nikon F Camera Year 1959-1973
Nikonos IV   10 Photos   Jan 2, 2019
Commercially, this all-weather Nikonos was perhaps the most successful model among al the Nikonos family of underwater camera. It inherited many basic features of the IVa with other refinements made to its features. The Film speed range remained the same at 25 to 1600 ISO with a quartz-timed, stepless shutter speed range from 1/30 to 1/1000 sec., a time-exposure at B setting and a back-up mechanical shutter speed of 1/90 sec. (M90). It offers both TTL center-weighted metering, auto-exposure (Aperture Priority AE) as well as Manual exposure control. The Albada finder has parallax markings, LEDs for exposure readings, low shutter speed warning as well as flash ready light. The most significant improvement made was the TTL auto flash exposure control with other applicable Nikonos speedlights such as SB-102, SB-105 etc. making flash photography results the underwater so easy & assuring. Along with other features made to improve its overall handling under or above the water, Nikon has designed one of the most friendly underwater camera in the Nikonos V.
Rolleiflex TLR   5 Photos   Jan 4, 2019
Rolleiflex T Mod 3 TLR Camera.

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